Toast To
The only way to do it, Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1998. Pair with Dom Pérignon crystal champagne flutes by Baccarat, $230.
Sea of 

Last minute chance to take advantage of the holidays, sparkle with over the top sequins, just don’t wear them all at once… 1. Black silk sequin tank, $675 by 3.1 Phillip Lim, 2. Black and silver sequin handbag, $925 by Dolce & Gabbana, 3. Gold sequin scarf, 180 GBP by Elie Thari, 4. Silver sparkle skimmer, $432 by Valentino, 5. Shiny black sequin leggings, $125 by Velvet,

Among all the crazy Art Basel events that meshed art, design, fashion and music together the best concept this year was the mobile art.  Marc Newson contributed his design genius again, this time on a limited edition Riva mini yacht based concept, which I guess has been out for a while, but was exhibited this past week for Art Basel at the most fabulous low key party of the week. An intimate affair with great music at the Standard’s backyard with Dom  Pérignon and (the very acqua) Newson’s Aquariva docked and ready to be taken for a ride... Masterpiece on water.
On the opposite spectrum of the $1.5 million boat, was the Shop Ride mobile vintage & designer store I encountered in the Design District, something I have not seen before. Love the concept… let the shop come to you.
Croc Ready
For Handbag

Art Basel Miami exhibition at the Convention Center, neglected to get actual artist and title information. Love it.

You know the first week of December and Art Basel have arrived in Miami when oversized pink snails appear all around town…